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"The Station For The Audiophile"

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Our Story

The SuperStereo Network begins its broadcasts on October 13, 2018, being in September 2019 the first station in South America to broadcast in CD quality, and since April 2020 we started with 2 stations in high resolution. Today there are 7 stations in high resolution broadcasting only the best of Anglo music on perfectly segmented stations. At SuperStereo we are not a simple computer, we are people who know about music and we program daily the most refined musical selection with audio extracted from the first source from our mastering center, becoming the "lighthouse" of online broadcasting...  

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*Mastering Center*


Fined Your Favourite Show On Our Schedule


SuperStereo 3: “Friday Night New Wave” with Gary Teel

(8 p.m. New York / Saturday 1 a.m. London / Saturday 3 a.m. Moscow)


SuperStereo 3: “Back To The 80’s” with Jason Johnson

(1 p.m. New York / 6 p.m. London / 8 p.m. Moscow)

SuperStereo 5: “Metalmania” with Pedro Cabrera

(7 p.m. New York / 11 p.m. London / Sunday 1 a.m. Moscow)

SuperStereo 3: “The Excellent 80’s Rewind” with Gary Teel

(7 p.m. New York / Midnight London / Sunday 2 a.m. Moscow)

SuperStereo 1+: “Studio 54” with Pedro Cabrera

(8 p.m. New York / Sunday 1 a.m. London / 3 a.m. Moscow)

SuperStereo 3: “SuperStereo Remix”

(10 p.m. New York / Sunday 3 a.m London / Sunday 5 a.m. Moscow)


SuperStereo 2: “That 70's Sound” with Dave Edwards

(11 a.m. New York / 4 p.m. London / 6 p.m. Moscow)

SuperStereo 2: “Flashback To The 60's” with James Barrington

(12 a.m. New York / 5 p.m. London / 7 p.m. Moscow)

SuperStereo 2: “The Mops Tops & The King” with Steve Chelmsford

(2 p.m. New York / 7 p.m. London / 9 p.m. Moscow)

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